Employment Tribunals London Procedure

Employment Tribunals London can seem daunting for those looking to bring a claim against an employer. Whilst it is important to consult a legal professional before bringing a claim, it is worth being aware of the Tribunal procedure.

A claim has to be brought before a Tribunal within three months in most cases, however extensions will be granted when there are reasonable grounds for doing so. Equal pay and redundancy claims are allowed a period of six months to bring the claim, however, no extension is granted in these cases. The claim needs to be outlined on the official Tribunal claim form, and failure to do so will result in the claim being dismissed. It should also be noted that certain supporting evidence is necessary before the claim will be considered. Employers answering a claim need to answer within 28 days, and if they fail to do so they will be barred from the hearing, with any subsequent decisions being made in their absence.

Employment Tribunals London are no longer free, and fees need to be paid, firstly for bringing the claim and also for the subsequent hearing. The claim fee is £160 for cases of unpaid wages, redundancy pay and breach of contract, as well as cases of equal pay. For cases of whistleblowing, discrimination and unfair dismissal, the fee is £250. Unpaid wages, redundancy and breach of contract attract a fee for the subsequent hearing of £250, whilst whistleblowing, discrimination and unfair dismissal hearings cost £950.

Employment Tribunals London will hear the case, and usually a decision will be made on the day. If not the decision will be sent by post. In the case of the claim being successful, the employer may be asked to pay the Employment Tribunals London fees, pay compensation, or re-instate the employee in their job.

If the claim is not successful, the claimant may ask Employment Tribunals London to review its decision, but only with good reason, for instance, if the decision is thought to be wrong, new evidence has appeared, or the employee was not informed of the hearing.

If the claimant is not satisfied with Employment Tribunals London and it's decision, they have within 42 days of the decision (or review) to take the case to the Employment Appeals Tribunal. This attracts a fee of £400, and another fee of £1200 if a full hearing is necessary.

Solicitor for your law problem

As a layman, we always get in trouble with the law and yet, we do not know how to deal with in a good manner. This is why if you live in Dublin and you need to have some legal advice, finding the best solicitors Dublin Services will be one of the very first steps that you need to do. The solicitor, for you who are not familiar with it, is the person who has the ability to deal with any kind of legal problem that you are encounter. However, there are so many solicitors in Dublin, and I am sure that you do not know whom you need to choose. Thus, there are several way on how to spot a worth hiring solicitor.

The very first thing that you need to look for from a solicitor is the website. The website or the service is very important as you can get as much information as possible about the solicitor that you are about to hire. The next thing that you need to do is to find out the information about the number of cases that he or she has worked before you. If he or she has so many finished and won cases, this is the best solicitor that you need.


Winning a medical negligence may require hard work. As a matter of fact, medical negligence cases are considered as complicated cases. It is because we have to prove that the medical practitioner or doctor failed to give you the required medical procedure. If you think you cannot cope with it by yourself, hiring a well-trained solicitor will be an excellent option. The solicitor will study your case and give you a number of suggestions you can take. When hiring a lawyer, we must ensure that the lawyer is equipped with the proper knowledge so they can assist you to every step through your case.

The reliable and professional medical negligence solicitors are always beside you to give detailed explanations in understandable way to you. What is more, the lawyer must be always to get updated news about medical negligence cases. Usually, the solicitor provides you with a number of solutions that suit best to your case. Then, you are the one who makes decision on what actions you will take. To win your case, you will be also asked to get all of your medical records. Make sure that you keep all of them. Do not forget to also collect all evidence which the medical practitioner did not follow the standard procedures.